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Benz-Way Irrigation Wheels

Imagine no maintenance and no flat tires

The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel is a steel tire with a tread design that makes non-compact mud loafs. The mud loafs has been patterned to keep the dirt in the tire tracks. This eliminates ruts from the track. The loafs have a quick drying time that helps the track ready for the next watering cycle. The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel has no soil build-up at the end of 1/2 pivots or liner pivots. The tread is extremely aggressive to help it climb if needed.

Key Features

The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel is a NO maintenance tire because it has no wearing parts to replace.

The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel eliminates flat tires which means NO down time.

With NO ruts, your equipment has less maintenance.

The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel has a universal hub that will fit any pivot. The tire sizing is regular pivot size wheel depending on pivots, pivot swing arms, and liner pivots.

The steel tires have a crushing ability to smash the dirt clods and reduce bruising to crops. Rubber tires cannot offer the same ability.


The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel works on any center pivot system, corner system or lateral system that has an 8-hole center hub. The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel replaces regular pivot tire size and is currently available in:

  • 11.2 x 38
  • 11.2 x 24
  • 14.9 x 24
About Us

Why Choose Benz-Way
Over Industry Standard

No flat tires

No wearing parts to replace

One-time purchase

Will not push mud or water in track

No berming of mud on part circle pivots or liners pivot on the end of fields

Keep mud located in the wheel tract

The traction is unlimited because design of the wheel