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About Us

Ben Beck, Benz-Way Irrigation WheelsBen Beck has been welding for most of his life. He was raised on a farm in southern Idaho where he learned to look at things out of the box. Fixing items and making equipment work better is always on the top of his list. Ben learned to weld in his teenage years and built his first equipment piece for FFA and won an award from the state of Idaho. Since then, he has built many equipment items and machinery, including a horse trailer, sugar beet harvester, truck beds, a snow plow in front of a train and his newest invention, the BENZ-Way Irrigation Wheel.

All of Ben’s machinery has a story to tell and the Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel is no different. One long day, Ben was hard at work cutting corn on the farm. While taking a moment to let the pivot move out of the way, he observed the wheel trying to maneuver through a deep rut with water in the track. That’s when Ben got the idea for the Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel that has saved many farmers in both labor and equipment. The Benz-Way Irrigation Wheel is now available for installation and use.

Ben Beck is also the owner of Ross Manufacturing and Repairs in Burley, Idaho.